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Chandelier Restoration

Lamp restoration is a skill that enables us to repair, renew, maintain, and preserve these pieces over time.

Our primary focus in this process is to preserve the patina that has developed on the lamp over the years. This patina not only tells the lamp’s story but also adds an additional charm to the piece once the restoration is complete.

Standard Repair Procedure


Initial Assessments


Preparation and Cleaning


Restoration and Assembly


Visual Documentation


Image Organization

Restoration of Remarkable Projects

Restoration of the Colosseum Lamp in Spain

At Lamparas Escala, we take immense pride in presenting one of our most remarkable projects: the restoration of a majestic Bohemian crystal and bronze lamp.

This unique piece is composed of five external lighting bases extending through two-armed sconces, five-light chandeliers adorned with delicate tulips, and second-tier arms embellished with tulips.

It also features arms with crystal dishes, an upper body with prisms, and a dazzling illuminaria.

In total, this masterpiece radiates with 325 points of light, creating a luminous spectacle that leaves one breathless.

What makes this lamp even more special is its history. Originally crafted in 1929 for the Ibero-American Sevillian Exposition, it had fallen into a deplorable state by the time we embarked on its restoration.

It was completely dismantled, with a significant portion of its structure and glasswork missing.

With dedication and craftsmanship, we restored it for the 1992 Universal Exposition in Seville, where it shone brilliantly at the Lope de Vega Theater.


Restauracion lampara araña

Bohemian glass beads to the bronze that surrounds it, has been carefully preserved.

At Lamparas Escala, we transform historical pieces into timeless creations, ready to illuminate and captivate future generations.

The lamp’s impressive dimensions truly make it a work of art, measuring 7.50 meters in height and 5.50 meters in width.

Its imposing and solid weight reaches 3,500 kg.

This lamp stands as a testament to our commitment to the restoration and preservation of luminous treasures from the past.


Restoration of the Chandelier in San Agustín Church

At Lamparas Escala, we take great pride in having had the privilege to carry out the restoration of a splendid, large crystal chandelier in the historic San Agustín Parish in Cádiz.

This majestic piece features three tiers at different heights and boasts over 40 points of light, making it a work worthy of admiration and reverence.

Given the abundance of crystal adornments on this masterpiece, it was necessary to use steel tensioners to ensure its safety and durability.

reparación lámpara de cristal
restauración lámparas antiguas

This meticulous attention is essential to ensure that this magnificent chandelier continues to illuminate and beautify the San Agustín Parish for generations to come.

Restoring a crystal chandelier of this magnitude is a delicate process that requires prior disassembly to allow for safe transportation.

In this case, this colossal chandelier had to be dismantled at the top of the parish’s dome, a challenge that we eagerly and professionally embraced.

Our dedication to preserving and restoring luminous treasures like this crystal chandelier is a testament to our commitment to beauty and history.

At Lamparas Escala, we transform each project into a restored masterpiece that illuminates and enriches its surroundings.

We are honored to have been a part of this extraordinary restoration at the San Agustín Parish.

Restoration at San Fernando’s Council Building

Restoration of a Set of Lamps

The restoration of the lamps at the San Fernando Town Hall is an important task that contributes to the preservation of its valuable architectural heritage.

This historic building, declared a Monument in 2007, is a prominent example of Neoclassical architecture in the Bay of Cádiz.


The restoration of Empire lamps, solid bronze lamps, crystal chandeliers, and Dutch lamps is essential to maintain the authenticity and beauty of this historic building.

Furthermore, it underscores the importance of preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

reparacion de lamparas

The combination of architectural elements from various styles, such as the Isabelline, Neo-Moorish, and traditional Andalusian, makes it a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region.