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About Us


At Lámparas Escala, a craftsman workshop with over 40 years of experience in antique lamp restoration in Seville, we take our passion for art and dedication to restoration to an exceptional level. In our shop, we invite you to explore an ongoing exhibition of restored antique lamps and our own artisan designs available for sale. Additionally, we provide antique lamp repair services that cover all of Spain.

Restauracion lampara araña

We understand that art and history are intrinsically linked to these treasures of the past, and we comprehend the importance of preserving and revitalizing these unique pieces. It is an honor for us to offer you our restoration and custom design services for classic lamps so that you can enjoy the timeless beauty these lamps provide.

At Lámparas Escala, we transform antique lamps into true masterpieces, restoring their original splendor and creating exclusive designs that reflect our love for craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Explore our selection and discover how we can breathe new life into your antique lamps or help you find the perfect piece for your space.

The enriching experience we’ve accumulated over decades of dedication has allowed us to participate in large-scale restoration projects, both in public buildings and private properties. Our profession, which is a rare and valuable specialty, plays an essential role in the preservation of our artistic heritage, much like a restorer of paintings.

When we embark on lamp restoration projects, we only use materials of the highest quality and nobility. We use Strass Bohemian crystal, specially imported from the Czech Republic, and Venetian glass directly imported from Italy. These internationally renowned materials not only ensure the authenticity and beauty of our creations but also guarantee the durability and exceptional quality that characterize our restored and custom-designed lamps.